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I’m reading this book about a Victorian man and little known British artist called Harry Treffry Dunn who lived with Dante Gabriel Rossetti for a number of years. This passage is about his first trip to Holland as a young man. 

I especially love the quote, “How perfect it would be to to linger in Rotterdam, sketching, daydreaming and answerable to no-one.”

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This is how I feel when I tell people I don’t want children, and then they “correct” me by saying “not yet….”
My partner normally cooks dinner but he was at work yesterday, so it was my turn in the kitchen! Inspired by pictures I saw in the paper of a pokemon cafe in Japan, I made aubergine and halloumi veggie burgers with gluten free burger buns, made to look like pikachu! I almost couldn’t bring myself to eat them.

We are like a lesbian couple that doesn’t have sex anymore.

I watched this film on Netflix yesterday and loved it. I suggest everyone watch it.My favourite films tend to be set in beautiful cities, something I think Netflix has figured out, and it recommnded this to me. The film is set in New York, and the main character does go to Paris for a few days!There are a million things I love about this film. The main character is super tall (like me!). But she doesn’t strut around like a super model but walks in a gawky, lumbering fasion (again, like me). She’s passionate and quirky and a tad insane and completely realistic. The film is not about “finding love”. It focuses on the relationship of two women who are best friends (how often do you see that?!). The film focuses on a woman’s journey to find her place in life. And the relationship between the two women is amazing. I love it :)

Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece
Edinburgh - Calton Hill

Ron gasped.
‘The silver doe!’ he said excitedly. ‘Was that you too?’
‘What are you talking about?’ said Aberforth.
‘Someone sent a doe Patronus to us!’
‘Brains like that, you county be a Death Eater, son. Haven’t I just proved my Patronus is a goat?’
‘Oh,’ said Ron. ‘Yeah … well, I’m hungry!’ he added defensively, as his stomach gave an enormous rumble.

Ron my man, I completely understand you. I also get tetchy and incompetent when hungry. Food is important :)

This was given to me today, Voldemort is after me! I love that the people I work with are as in to Harry Potter as I am #hp #jkrowling #youknowho
Although opportunities for women are still far wider than they were a generation ago, we are now seeing a resurgence of old sexism in new guises. Far from giving a full scope to women’s freedom and potential, the new hypersexual culture redefines female success through a narrow framework of sexual allure.
— Natasha Walter, Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism.

Long ago, my partner worked out that food is the way to my heart. This was waiting for me when I came back from work today